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  • Every Kid is different...but one has to tell what is the right age to start a physical discipline such as bharatanatyam...

    Some videos like this one may raise the question despite the interest it could have...

    Même si chaque enfant est bien différent, il est important de savoir à quel âge commencer une discipline comme le Bharatanatyam

    Des vidéos   comme celle présentée ci-dessous malgré l'intérêt qu'on peut lui porter peuvent soulever la question,

    A quel âge un enfant peut-il commencer l'apprentissage du Bharatanatyam...



    Les autres vidéos ci-dessous tentent d'éclaircir et d'apporter des éléments de réponse...


    Voici la chaine Youtube de Divya Raghuram


    This video is part of a series that attempts to take you through the process and phases of training for the classical dance form Bharatanatyam. It also aims to answer few common questions that are associated while embarking on a decision to train for Bharatanatyam.

    Lakshmi Kalaalayam

    Established in the year 2004 by Ramaa Venugopalan, Lakshmi Kalaalayam trains keen students who study Bharatanatyam in a holistic method. The aim of Lakshmi Kalaalayam is to infuse a deep respect for the art form and ensure that the students are trained in a traditional method. The focus of training is on imparting knowledge about the various aspects of Bharatanatyam, nurturing inquisitive minds and helping students explore the vast depths of this dance form.

    Ramaa Venugopalan

    Initiated into Bharatanatyam at a very young age, Ramaa Venugopalan, performer and teacher for about two decades, believes in practicing and passing on the dance form in a meticulous method. With a Master's Degree in Bharatanatyam, she continues to internalize and provide a profound quality in her approach to performing and teaching Bharatanatyam.


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